Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12 Days of Christmas..A Bit of Background

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 I also suggest you put on your CD of 'The 12 Days of Christmas" or just hum along! :)

  I started this in 2001, for my Yahoo Parenting Group & my Hummingbird Group. I had a whole website just for this. Unfortunately Geocities went bust, and I only have this on 3" floppy and in Book Form. So I scanned the pages and fixed them up for now. I swear I thought I had files on a CD, but, I can not find it. I hope to soon since the HTML files are much 'cleaner' than the scanned pages from my booklet. Please forgive the weird sizing and styles, I forgot what res. I scanned in and some I forgot to resize after cropping. Also several links at then end do not exist any more, remember this was from a book I made, but I kept them in to give the sense of the true publication with all the credits. The font colors are way off, because this was from the book and not HTML colors meant for web.

  I usually posted one a day, but offer it here in it's entirety, for your enjoyment. Bookmark it and spread it out if you don't have time to read the whole thing, though I suggest you will get more 'laffs' if you follow through to the end in one fell swoop! Please feel free to share this link and please leave comments to let me know how you liked it.Become a follower, so I can visit you as well!

  All credit is given on the last pages and this is copyrighted to me!

12 Days of Christmas